Art is a Spectrum Gallery

Artist: Cameron Haynes, 1990-2015 (25)

Cameron was interested in art and music, He was self-taught and enjoyed many hours sketching as well as composing electronic music. After he passed away in 2015 from osteosarcoma, we (Cameron's parents) discovered various works of his in his effects and online.

Artist: Emma McKinney, 22 years

Authors description: I’ve been creating since I was young. I enjoy painting with water colour and acrylics. The pieces I picked for the gallery show all include texture because I like the feel the different materials create. They can be touched. 

Artist: Julie Goguen, 26 years old

“Art was always ingrained in me — it is who I am. There was a period of time where I had stopped but now, I’m back at it again. I don’t necessarily do art with meaning — I do art on images that I want to bring to life”

Artist: Natalie Pickard

A pre-taught artist with NBCCD training where Pickard took drawing, color theory, and silk screening for two years. Born in Fredericton, but living in New Maryland, who loves natures scenes and landscapes. "I am an artist with many cards of my paintings. You can buy them at Autism Connections Fredericton and at Covey Basic's on Prospect Street". On her art practice, Pickard says, "Even though I have a mild diagnosis of Asperger's syndrome, my talent is unaffected."

Artist: Seán Larsson, 24

Born in Grand-Falls and raised in Fredericton, Seán Larsson is a novice art student attending the New-Brunswick College of Craft and Design. Currently in the process of earning his certificate for a Foundation in Visual Arts, Larsson is hoping to enter the Digital Media Diploma Program. This will open the door to designing characters in video games. Larsson is also teaching himself Adobe Animate in hopes to eventually create cartoon animations.

Artist: Maria Rose Sabattis, 12

Maria Rose is a grade 6 student at GSMS. She is a First Nation student from the community of Kingsclear. She likes Anime, cats and chocolate. She has three older siblings and 2 younger siblings. Maria is a very quiet but funny young lady with a talent in storytelling and drawing.

Artist: Gary O'Donnell, 29

Gary is a 29 autistic artist. He uses acrylic paint to create abstract pictures.

Artist: Kevin D'Arcy, 20

Kevin D'Arcy is a passionate young man on the autism spectrum who aspires to be a professional animator and movie maker someday who recently graduated from the Animation and Graphics program in June 2018 at NBCC. He was also honoured with being voted 'Most Artistic' by his graduating high school class of 2015-2016. From an early age, Kevin's doodling prowess entertained his teachers and classmates alike and quickly revealed itself to be a remarkable talent and drawing ability which showcased his flair in the filed of character design and creation for which he has already established numerous characters within three different categories. His quirky sense of humour along with his vivid imagination has allowed him to create such unique characters which appear lifelike and full of emotions. In his spare time Kevin enjoys reading, writing scripts for his characters, watching movies and cartoons, music, dancing, swimming and collection Funko Pops and Funko Mystery Minis.

Artist: Mike Daigle, 32

Mike Daigle was born in Moncton, raised in Rexton, and finally move to Fredericton at age 5.Ever since his childhood, he has developed a keen interest in shapes, colors, and patterns. After 6 years at ICS (International Career School) and 3 years at NBCCD (New-Brunswick College of Craft and Design), he continues to aim for excellence in his creative pursuits.

Artist: Seamus Hayes, 22

Seamus Hayes is an excitable queer storyteller, a hand talker, and a gender nightmare. His work is a cryptographic love letter to his elders, and is therefore restless, resistant, and obstructive (and proudly so). These qualities are most evident in his abundant use of appropriated and manipulated imagery, and in his use of low-brow photographic media. Hayes' work is tightly linked to intergenerational acts of queer resistance (such as direct-action protest) and uses visual language that references a history of queer iconography. Hayes' project survey the unexpected queering of public urban spaces in his own community

Artist: Taryn Fairley, 18

I am in my first year of college with aims to go into Graphic Design. I have loved drawings since I was young, but I have gotten a little more serious about it in the last few years. I was born deaf in both ears, but it does not influence my drawings. I was, however, diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome and it tends to reflect in my art.

Artist: Meara Landsburg, 21

I am currently a student at NBCCD. I started here in 2015. I love anything dark, creepy, gory, or funny. I also love drawing animals and cartoons. When I graduate, I want to publish my own graphic novels.